Revelations of Sexism

As kid that grew up having to defend my sex for being “not as good in science and math”, or just simply “not as smart” as the opposite sex, it has gotten so clear lately that the education system (at least the one I was under) is/has been sexist to the core. I’m pretty mad that our books had a bias. How else would I explain the fact that I learned of so many men that won the Nobel prize or were mathematiciains, for so many different things, yet I never learned about the likes of Rosalind Franklin or Dorothy Hogkin?
1. Chronological list of women mathematician
2. Dorothy Hodgkin page
3. Rosalind Franklin page
Women can do science. They can do math. They can be stay-at-home moms if the want too. They can do anything they put their minds to just as men can.
And to close with a quote from Rita: she says that the women that changed the world never needed to show anyone anything expect for their intelligence. On a second thought I’m not sure what she means, but she’s a boss (LOOK HER UP!) so, I’ll just leave this here 🙂