Mostly rambling. Life. Circuits. Love (unrequited love). Parents. Taxes to be filed.

Hello world!

This week has started off like any other week, same deadlines, same anxieties, same classes. I think I caught a cold during my software lab, somehow… I don’t know how. Anyways, i think I caught a cold because now I’m sniffing like crazy and my head hurts T_T and it’s horrible cause I  can’t concentrate. And God knows I NEED TO concentrate. I’m trying to figure out some method about solving circuits that we just got today in lecture. Thevenin’s Theorem! <— so unclear to me right now….

I’m so behind in Analysis (another of the classes I’m taking), it’s not even funny.

And I miss a certain person. Too much. Love him too much. T_T

Well yeah, this has been my life lately.

Until next time. When I have time to write a proper blog post.

Peace and love to everyone.


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